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Click on + Add Widget to add a new widget to the dashboard. 5. Choose your preferred data visualization option (timeline, geomap, table, etc.) 6. Add all the metrics you want displaying in that particular widget. 7. Save the widget and repeat all the steps for a new one until you have a complete dashboard. To create an efficient dashboard in.
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The other option is to set the JVM heap size (with equal minimum and maximum sizes to prevent the heap from resizing) on the command line every time you start up Elasticsearch: $ ES_HEAP_SIZE="10g" ./bin/elasticsearch. In both of the examples shown, we set the heap size to 10 gigabytes.

2.Report Usage metrics. In order to see Report usage metrics, you can go to Workspaces and select any workspace then go to Reports tab and then click on Usage metrics icon from Actions. Once prompted, you can select view usage metrics button.
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  • Lead time and Cycle time are two of the most important and useful Kanban metrics. They can help you understand how long work items stay in your workflow until they are completed. Lead time is the total amount of time a task spends from order to delivery in your system. Cycle time is the amount of time you spend actively working on it.
  • 6. SerpStat. Serpstat is a suite of SEO solutions that has grown from a simple keyword research tool to now provide users a more comprehensive set of features to understand their website’s performance. This includes backlink analysis, rank tracking, site auditing, and traffic checking for other websites.
  • Here’s one quick example. If availability is 92% (0.92), performance is 89% (0.89) and quality is 97% (0.97), your OEE calculation would look like this: OEE = 0.92 x 0.89 x 0.97. OEE = 0.794 (79.4%) In order to get 100% OEE, your facility would have to produce perfect products, as quickly as possible, with no unscheduled downtime.
  • Purchasing Reports Samples. Purchasing analysis is usually represented as dashboards, reports, and data graphs, analyzing the company’s spending on suppliers by category or location. In the procurement report templates made by FineReport below, we often explore the following indicators, metrics: purchase amount. purchase channels.
  • Core Web Vitals. Website health. Followed by these four metrics that are popular but actually don’t matter: Bounce rate. Exit rate. Pages per session. Average session duration / time on page. In the end, you’ll understand what really reflects your SEO efforts and how.